Acoustics (i.e. room and building)

’’Our integral design vision & approach ensures synergy and therefore a controlled and streamlined construction process..‘‘

Acoustics (i.e. room and building)

The acoustic of each hall is unique. If the sound is right and loud enough, is a subtle result of the room shape and materials of all elements such as walls, balconies, seats etc. If required completed with specially designed elements such as sound reflectors and absorption panels. 

PBTA has the expert knowhow to let you experience the sound of your hall well before it is actually built! For this purpose, state-of-the-art acoustic simulation software with auralisation is used (CATT-Acoustic). This, together with over 30 years of experience in the field of acoustics.

Furthermore, we can advise you regarding to establish your acoustic requirements prior to and during the design phase of the project: whether your use will be a classical concert hall, or a pop venue etc., we will make your hall sound well.

  • • Needless to say that sound insulation, control of HVAC, traffic noise etc. are part of our work as well.
  • • Our work comprises all required calculations and measurements. 

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