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Great services, great theme

’’PBTA helps clients, operators, designers and builders create a hospitable, comfortable and safe venue for the audience, artists and technicians.‘‘

Our method

All the required knowledge regarding theatre construction and theatre consulting that is needed to carry out a plan can be brought in by PBTA, starting from the investigation into the feasibility of a design and examination of suitable building locations to operational delivery of advanced machinery for on and around the stage.

On and around the stage – and largely out of the view of the audience – is a sophisticated system of upper and under stage machinery, as well as lighting and sound equipment. The audience’s seats and the stage curtains are also part of the theatre technology. But before all of this can be brought into the building, the building must be optimally prepared. The specialists of PBTA will elaborate an integral concept in order to create a logistically and technically well-functioning theatre operation that will offer the audience the best experience possible, while sitting comfortably in an attractive environment with an unobstructed view of the stage and pleasant sound imaging.

The specialists of PBTA develop and design projects integrally, so that a logistically and technically well-functioning theater
company will be achieved and the visiting public is given the best possible experience: good sitting in a pleasant environment, with unobstructed view of the playing surface and a pleasant sound experiencing.

We offer...

  • Almost 30 years of experience with stage technology and accommodating cultural enterprises
  • Knowledge and lots of experience with political processes, decision-making, procurement and design and construction processes
  • Good perspective of the costs of performance venues, based on market knowledge and our in-house, comprehensive database with empirical data
  • Comprehensive expertise in building acoustics and acoustics in general
  • Specialists in all theatre-related technical disciplines under one roof

All disciplines under one roof; theater consultancy, theater design and (electro) acoustics!




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