"Our projects are multifaceted and innovative.‘‘

Our projects

Conference halls, theatre auditoriums, pop concert stages and concert halls, movie theatres, museum spaces, schools, community centres, churches and crematoria: Good solutions are available for every building that has to lend itself for optimal use for events, performances, presentations and all types of meetings. In addition to an extensive conference and exhibition building, where lorries can be lifted in their entirety to the level of the stage floor, your task of creating good acoustics and the best sound quality in the auditorium of the crematorium or your church hall is in good hands with PBTA. From the idea to commissioning, you can trust in our expertise and sense of reality. After the work has been completed, you will feel supported when you want to make the building ‘your own’. Many clients came before you; their satisfaction has been manifested to an abundant degree.

We have described several of our projects below. Click here for an overview of all of our projects, or download the list.

De Stoep – Spijkenisse


Soldier van Oranje – Katwijk


Parkstad Theaters – Heerlen


DeLaMar Theatre – Amsterdam


De Nieuwe Kolk – Assen

filmtheater-en theatres

Gebr. de Nobel – Leiden


Municipal Theatre – Kampen


Lantaren Venster – Rotterdam

cultural-spaces filmtheater-en theatres

Music quarter – Enschede


Energiehuis (Energy House) Dordrecht

cultural-spaces popstage theatres

Natlab – Eindhoven

cultural-spaces filmtheater-en popstage

Cultural House Nesterlé – Nistelrode

popstage theatres