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Description of various projects in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Below are some examples of the projects that were or will be implemented with our recommendations. Our work encompasses the full range of acoustics, building physics and theatre technology (schedule of requirements, design, procurement, project management, etc.).

De Kampanje Theatre in Den Helder. A number of buildings are being redeveloped in Den Helder within the scope of the relocation of the De Kampanje Theatre. Starting in the summer of 2012, the design process will aim to create an up-to-date theatre and event hall. Opening in September 2015.

Kunsten pand Z and the Rotterdam International Congress Centre. New construction to replace the old Zuidplein Theatre and accommodation of the new Rotterdam-Zuid Central Library.

Zuiderstrand Theatre in The Hague. Theatre with a surface area of 5,236 m2 as a temporary replacement for the Lucent Dance Theatre and Dr. Anton Philips Hall during construction of the Spui Forum at the current location. Architectural design by Elzevier & Mauve Architects. Delivered in September 2014.

Energy House in Dordrecht. Two pop concert halls, a small theatre hall, a music hall and a multifunctional hall in the large Machine Hall 3 of the former Power Plant, and in the basement, sound-insulated pop music rehearsal rooms. Architect: Jonkman & Klinkhamer in Amersfoort. Construction costs approx. EUR 40 million, of which approx. EUR 4.8 million for theatre technology.

Renovation of the Kerkrade Theatre. Renovation/revitalization of the Wijngracht Theatre (1976). The auditorium, with 640 seats and fly tower, was equipped with an automated flying system in 2003 based on our recommendation; in addition, the proscenium areas were renovated (orchestra pit, structural proscenium) and a raisable orchestra shell was placed in the fly tower for classic music concerts. Preparations for an all-around renovation have been on-going since mid-2013, whereby most of the theatre’s technical systems will be replaced, among other things. The computer controls of the flying system will be replaced by a new system that complies with the safety regulations stipulated by IEC-NEN-EN 61508, SIL 3. The budget for theatre technology is approx. 1.8 million. The renovation will be carried out between May 2014 to summer 2015.

Renovation of the Municipal Theatre in Kampen. Multidisciplinary approach divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1 (2012): Restyling of one of the two monumental foyers. Delivered in summer 2012. Improvement of the climate control and adaptation of the fire safety in the building to current requirements. Phase 2 (2013): Restyling of the backstage area: Delivered in summer 2013. Implementation of fire safety and associated compartmentalization in the building. The ‘backstage’ task consisted of installing a freight elevator in the building in order to provide access to the enormous attic for use as a storage and workshop area. Phase 3 (summer of 2014 and 2015): Restyling of the front of the theatre (entrance, public spaces and offices).

Natlab in Eindhoven. Incorporation of 4 cinemas with resp. 48, 64, 36 and 45 seats, a foyer, an auditorium with 130 seats and a performance hall with 178 seats and retractable stage, in the former Philips physics laboratory. Costs: EUR 14 million. Architectural design by N-architecten in Maastricht. Delivered in spring 2013.

Flora Theatre in Boskoop. Restoration and functional repair of the theatre building constructed in 1935 (national monument). A flat-floor theatre with a grand café. This is the new home of the cinema organ from the former VARA broadcasting company. The hall has almost 350 seats. The theatre does not compete with the region’s large theatres; the Flora Theatre is a unique stage. A stage that offers room for professional artists, local associations and amateur societies. The Flora Theatre has a theatre hall with almost 350 seats. Construction of the

DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. New construction with two high-quality theatre auditoriums and two multifunctional rehearsal rooms. Auditorium 1 (Wim Sonneveld Hall) has 950 seats and auditorium 2 (Mary Dresselhuys Hall) has 600 seats. Construction costs: EUR 50 million. Opened November 2010; delivered spring 2011.

New construction of the “De Nieuwe Kolk” Culture Complex in Assen. Replacement of the demolished De Kolk Theatre with a culture complex including: 1.    Theatre, large auditorium with 850 seats, small auditorium with 250 seats. 2.    Movie theatre: 5 auditoriums. 3.    Biblionet Library. 4.    Visual Arts Centre. 5.    Culture portal (central, multifunctional, cultural plaza). The designed is by Greiner-Van Goor-Huijten Architects in cooperation with De Zwarte Hond in Groningen. The implementation is in the hands of BAM Utiliteitsbouw in Groningen (design and build contract). Opened spring 2012; delivery spring 2013.

Revitalization of the Heerlen Theatre (municipal theatre) and new construction of Middenzaal (Central Auditorium). This project concerns the full renovation of the municipal theatre built in 1961 (original architects Frits Peutz, 1896-1975 and Bernard Bijvoet, 1889-1997) and expansion with a multifunctional central auditorium. Capacity of auditoriums: large auditorium 1,058 (formerly 897) seats, small auditorium 154 seats and central auditorium 350-500 seats (depending on the configuration). The central auditorium was also designed for pop concerts with approx. 1,000 standing places. The design is by Peutz Architects in Heerlen. Construction was started in mid-2005. The theatre opened in 2007 and construction costs were approx. EUR 45 million.

Starting in 2010, the operating system for the mechanical theatre systems was replaced for about EUR 1.9 million thanks to the advice, design, procurement and project management of pb|theateradviseurs. The entire process, including inspection and certification was completed in 2013.

Expansion of the Markant Theatre in Uden with Event Hall. The building, consisting of a large theatre auditorium with fly tower (685 seats; architecture by Herman Hertzberger, opened in 1996), was expanded in 2010-2013 with a large event hall. This new hall is a flat-floor theatre with balcony with about 300- 600 seats (depending on the configuration) and maximally about 1,200 standing places. Theatertechniek en akoestiek zijn afgestemd op een grote multifunctionaliteit, uiteenlopend van popconcerten, amateuroptredens, feesten enz. The expansion of the existing building forms one integral entity from the architectural and the configuration perspective, as if it were built like this. The construction costs were approx. EUR 12 million. The complex was opened in November 2013.

New construction of the Music Theatre in Enschede (National Music Quarter). This is a large music theatre complex with a large auditorium with 1,000 seats and 2 pop concert halls as well as pop music rehearsal rooms. The large auditorium is also the home auditorium, that is, the premiere theatre for the National Reis Opera, located in Enschede. In this project, our company was responsible for providing technical consultation for the theatre element (so in this case no acoustics or building physics). The architectural design is by Prof. J. Hoogstad in Rotterdam. Construction began in 2006 and the theatre opened in September 2008. Construction costs were approx. EUR 43 million.

New construction of the ’s-Hertogenbosch Theatre. Since 2009, pb|theateradviseurs has been working on the preparations for the construction of a new theatre on behalf of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This theatre will replace the outdated aan de Parade Theatre (1976) and has a large theatre/concert hall with about 1,200 seats and a central auditorium/flat-floor theatre with about 500 seats. The schedule of requirements has been completed. Since then, pb|theateradviseurs has conducted an exploratory investigation on the feasibility and construction costs of the new construction of the theatre at the current downtown location in the historical De Parade square. On 25 June 2013, the city council provided a design budget for translating the investigation results into a suitable schedule of requirements while at the same time holding a European architect selection process with a design competition. The aim is for the architect selection to be finalized at the beginning of 2015 with a design choice (with an important role for citizen participation). Commissioning is slated for 2019. Construction costs are budgeted at about EUR 55 million.

New construction of the Spijkenisse Theatre. The municipality of Spijkenisse is building a new theatre to replace the De Stoep Theatre – which has been demolished in the meantime. The architectural design is by UN Studio in Amsterdam. The theatre has a large auditorium with about 650 seats and a small auditorium with about 200 seats. The construction costs were approx. EUR 26 million. The opening was on 9 October 2014.



New construction of De (Nieuwe) Nobelaer in Etten-Leur. New construction of the De Nobelaer Theatre and Congress Centre in Etten-Leur. Large auditorium 750 seats, small auditorium 250 seats, library and centre for artistic development. The schedule of requirements was complete by our company at the beginning of 2010. Total construction costs approx. EUR 28 million. At the moment, political decisions are being made about the type and scope of the new theatre.

New construction of the Cuijk Theatre, Biblioplus and the Meander Art Centre in a culture complex as one of the new cultural, educational and sports buildings on the former Homburg factory site slated for redevelopment: large auditorium 750, flat-floor theatre /ballroom with 250 seats and optionally 4 cinemas/media rooms, an educational theatre/rehearsal hall (150 seats) and a youth cultural centre. The schedule of requirements of the culture complex was finished at the beginning of 2010. Total construction costs approx. EUR 30 million. For political reasons, a schedule of requirements was compiled for renovation of the theatre at the current location, without the remaining cultural functions, in 2011-2012.

New construction and renovation of the theatre in Lochem. To replace the outdated Lochem Theatre, our company compiled a schedule of requirements (SoR) including a budget for construction costs, for each of the following variations in 2008/2009: 1.    New construction of the theatre connected to the new town hall. 2.    Renovation of the theatre at the current location. 3.    Temporary renovation of the current theatre for extension of use by 10 years, to 2020.

The municipality of Lochem opted for the last variation. This temporary renovation was completed in 2011.

New construction of the Luxor Theatre at the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. This is a large music theatre for both entertainment theatre as well as opera and ballet productions. The hall 1,527 seats. The acoustics have been designed so that they are optimal for both functions (variable acoustics by means of raisable ceiling reflectors). The theatre was very well received. For this project, we worked together with the Director and the Head of Technical Services of the current Luxor Theatre to compile the schedule of requirements. The architect was chosen by means of a contest, with the design submitted by Prof. Peter Wilson is being selected as the winner. We were involved in this project from the very beginning. Construction was started in September 1998. The theatre was opened in April 2001. Construction costs were approx. EUR 38 million.

New construction of the Chassé Theatre in Breda. This building has 3 theatre/concert halls and three 3 cinemas (respective capacity: 1,430, 728, 298, 117 and 82 spectators). The design is by Prof. H. Hertzberger. The central auditorium (728 seats) was specially designed as a large, flat-floor theatre as well as a concert hall for symphony music and as such has acquired a particularly good acoustic reputation. Thanks to its moveable curtains and wall and ceiling elements, this space is also suitable as a theatre and music theatre auditorium. The theatre opened in November 1995 (renovation of large auditorium: The construction costs were approx. EUR 28 million.

New construction of the Hengelo Theatre. This theatre will replace the demolished building and contains a large auditorium with some 800 seats plus a small auditorium with 360 seats. For example, the entire building is ideal for multifunctional use; the rising floor with seats in the large auditorium can be moved entirely out of the way (no retractable stage). The large auditorium has variable acoustics thanks to raisable ceiling reflectors. The design is by Prof. J. Hoogstad. Construction started in December 1998 and the opening was in the spring of 2001. Construction costs were approx. EUR 20 million. In 2008 the capacity of the large auditorium was expanded to 880 seats based on our recommendation, among other things by expanding the balcony and adding side balconies (which fit perfectly with the original architectural design of the space).

New construction of the Lelystad Theatre. This theatre is a replacement of the old Agora Theatre. The building has a large auditorium with 750 seats, a small theatre auditorium with 200 seats and various rooms that can be used for multifunctional or commercial purposes. The theatre was opened in 2007. The construction costs were approx. EUR 20 million.

Renovation of the Midi Theatre in Tilburg. Conversion of the former cinema into a theatre, rehearsal rooms and media café. The auditorium has 450 seats and 1,000 standing places. Total construction costs: EUR 6.9 million. The construction costs for the theatre technology was € 740,000. The building opened in January 2009.

New construction of the De Lieve Vrouw Theatre in Amersfoort. Renovation and expansion of the theatre and cinema. Theatre auditorium and 3 cinemas, total of 416 seats. Total construction costs: EUR 2.2 million. The building opened its doors in September 2007.

Conversion/renovation of the Huis aan de Werf in Utrecht. The auditorium has 170 seats. Construction costs were approx. EUR 189,000. Construction costs for the theatre technology EUR 175,000.

New construction of the Huis voor Cultuur en Bestuur in Nijverdal. Construction of a town hall with library and theatre. Theatre auditorium: 300 seats. The grand opening took place in the spring of 2007. Construction costs amounted to EUR 18 million.

New construction of the CKC Cool in Heerhugowaard. New building housing a theatre, music school and Arts Centre. Large auditorium: 600 seats or 700 standing places. Construction costs: EUR 14.7 million.

Renovation of the Westland Theatre in Naaldwijk. The following renovations were completed in order for the theatre to comply with current requirements: replacement of stages in the large and small auditoriums, renovation of the lighting and sound equipment, refurbishment of the floor and ceiling in the foyer and adjustments to the roofing. The large auditorium – “Het Oog” – has 450 seats, and the small auditorium has 115 seats. technical advice with regard to modernization of the theatre.

New construction of the Castellum Theatre in Alphen aan den Rijn. New construction of a theatre-cinema complex. The large auditorium has 766 seats, the small auditorium has 250 seats and 3 cinemas with a total of about 300 seats. The grand opening took place in the spring of 2005. Construction costs: EUR 17.5 million.

New construction of the Efteling Theatre in Kaatsheuvel. A multifunctional theatre with 1,200 seats or 2,000 standing places (for pop concerts) was built in the De Efteling theme park. The fly tower and auditorium form one large space (about 1,500 m2) with comprehensive acoustic and technical equipment. The design is by AGS Architects in Heerlen. The auditorium and the stage opened to the public in 2002 (about 900 performances per year!). The entrance and foyer, along with extensive catering facilities (het Uitrijk), were completed in the spring of 2003. The construction costs were approx. EUR 30 million.

New construction of the Markant Theatre in Uden. The theatre with an auditorium facilitating 684 spectators was designed by Prof. H. Hertzberger and opened in 1996. Construction costs were approx. EUR 5 million.

Renovation/restoration of Diligentia Theatre in The Hague. The national monument with a particularly lovely auditorium dating from 1853 was thoroughly restored. The auditorium was overhauled with a modern, comfortable seat plan with good lines of sight for some 500 spectators. A new fly tower was built, so that the theatre productions could be performed in compliance with the new occupational health and safety as well as technical requirements for theatres. The fire safety was also brought up to code. The design is by HTV Architects in The Hague. The restoration was started in August 2002 and the project was delivered in mid-2004. T he construction costs were approx. EUR 9 million.

Renovation of the Geert Teis Theatre in Stadskanaal. Originally built in 1967, the building was extensively renovated in 1997. The installations and furnishings were completely overhauled; electrical flys (Tr. in term list, but no evidence that this is English, not likely plural), new auditorium bridge, new/more spacious seat plan and 70 additional seats, so now 630 instead of the former 560. The renovation costs amounted to approx. EUR 2.3 million.

New construction of the International Business School TIAS and Brabant Catholic University in Tilburg. This is an educational building with a high level of ambition and contains educational and offices spaces, 2 large auditoriums, 4 small auditoriums and 4 lecture rooms. The design is by the Storme-Van Ranst architectural firm in Antwerp. The building was opened in mid-2002. The construction costs were approx. EUR 10 million.

New construction of the Rotterdam International School. Theatre auditorium with 120 seats. Designed by the Weeda architectural firm in Rotterdam.

Cultural centres (250 to 400 seats), especially in Bergeijk, Berlicum, Dongen, Eersel, Goirle, Hellendoorn, Maassluis, Nieuw-Vennep, Nuenen, Oostzaan, Rosmalen, Schijndel, Someren, Vught and Wanroij.

New construction of the Zaan Theatre in Zaanstad: large auditorium with 904 seats, small auditorium with 200 seats; opened in December 1998; construction costs approx. EUR 15.5 million.

New construction of the Deventer Theatre: large auditorium with 800 seats, small auditorium with 250 seats; opened in October 1995; construction costs approx. EUR 13 million.

New construction of the Theatre aan de Schie in Schiedam: large auditorium with 704 seats; opened in April 1998; construction costs EUR 8 million.

Renovation and expansion of the Amstelveen Theatre: large auditorium with 675 seats, small auditorium with 300 seats; opened in September 2001; construction costs approx. EUR 4.5 million.

Renovation of the ’t Speelhuis Theatre in Helmond: large auditorium approx. 450 seats; opened in spring 2003; construction costs approx. EUR 4.5 million.

Expansion/new construction of the Cultural Centre ’t Paard in The Hague: large pop concert stage with 2 concert halls; opened in 2004.

New construction of the De Effenaar Cultural Centre in Eindhoven: large pop concert stage with 2 concert halls; opened in fall 2005; construction costs approx. EUR 12 million.

Renovation of the De Hanzehof Theatre in Zutphen: auditorium with 560 seats; opened spring 2007. Construction costs: EUR 10 million.

Renovation/restoration of the Kampen Municipal Auditorium: large auditorium 450 seats / studio theatre 120 seats; opened fall of 2005. Construction costs: EUR 2.5 million.

Renovation of the ’t Kruispunt Theatre in Barendrecht: auditorium with 500 seats; opened fall 2004.

Renovation of the Junushoff Theatre in Wageningen: auditorium with 647 seats, small auditorium with 196 seats; opened in summer 2006, construction costs about EUR 4.7 million.

New construction of Amsterdam Public Library: auditorium with 275 seats; opened end of 2007.

Beekdal High School, Arnhem: auditorium approx. 150 seats; opened summer 2006.

New construction of AFAS office Leusden: auditorium approx. 280 seats; opened end of 2006.

New construction of the De Volckaert Multifunctional Care Centre, Dongen: auditorium approx. 250 seats; opened mid-2007.

Renovation of the Lucent Dance Theatre and Dr. Anton Philips Hall, The Hague: auditoriums with 1,000 and 1,800 seats respectively; work performed in 2006 and 2007.

Renovation of the Old Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam: auditorium with 918 seats, reopened at the beginning of 2006.

The above-mentioned construction cost figures concern the total building costs, commissioning price-level, excluding VAT and land costs.

Mechanization projects, flying systems

De Kring Theatre in Roosendaal

Markant Theatre in Uden

De Leest Theatre in Waalwijk

’t Speelhuis Theatre in Helmond

Zuidplein Theatre in Rotterdam

De Nobelaer Theatre Congress Centre in Etten-Leur

te Cuijk Theatre

te Brugge Theatre, Belgium

Kerkrade Theatre

De Purmaryn Theatre in Purmerend

Twentse Theatre in Enschede

Venray Theatre

Event centres, etc.

New construction of Brabant Halls, Den Bosch

New construction of Zeeland Halls, Goes

Adaptation of the Ijssel Halls, Zwolle

Adaptation of Autotron, Rosmalen.

Pop concert stages

New construction of ’t Paard van Troje, The Hague

New construction of De Effenaar, Eindhoven

New construction of P3, Purmerend

New construction of De Waerdse Temple, Heerhugowaard.