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Our idea

''Also the taste of the coffee, comfortable seats and a pleasant lobby contribute to the perception of a special evening at the theatre.''

Our idea

Theatre-goers are happier when they feel warmly welcomed in a well-equipped theatre. Artists perform better when they feel warmly welcomed in a well-equipped theatre. It starts with the taste of the coffee, the feeling you get when you enter the foyer and step inside the auditorium. The experience and feeling prior to the performance plays a significant role in the overall experience and sensation during their evening at the theatre. Better performances result in an even more satisfied audience that will return to the theatre for the next unforgettable experience. This is the aim of a cultural enterprise.

Working together with PBTA will result in a theatre auditorium with comfortable seats, plenty of arm and leg room and a good view of the stage, where a pleasant inside climate creates a relaxed atmosphere and where lighting and sound are perfectly adjusted. What’s more, artists and crew will have every comfort backstage and have the pleasure of working in a well-equipped theatre with high-quality materials. A well-conceived theatre operation also greatly limits the labor factor, which results in cost savings.

PBTA will help you choose which investments will be amply rewarded, in both money and enthusiastic theatre-goers!